Bajaj Majesty icx 21 Induction Cooker Review

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Note: This Bajaj Majesty icx 21 Induction Cooker Review is written by Deepak Gupta.

Bajaj is a well-known brand in the field of Home Appliances and therefore, it does not need any reference. However, nowadays, when competition has been increased and there are many brands in the market, it has been difficult for customers like me to choose the best one and the one the fits in the budget. And, in this job, reviews do a great job therefore, I often read customer reviews before buying any product I need. I spend a few hours reading product reviews on the Internet and then make a decision.

Today, I am also sharing my review about a product of Bajaj that I bought almost one year back. I am sharing Bajaj Majesty icx 21 Induction Cooker Review. I bought this Bajaj Majesty induction Cooker when I moved to Noida with my Wife and Son. I did not have a Gas connection and you know getting a Gas cylinder refilled is how much costly when you do not have a Gas connection. Moreover, you cannot get it arranged easily. This problem urged me to buy an Induction Cooker so I started doing my research on which one is the best and will be in my budget. I know the fact that I will be needing Induction based utensils too therefore, I started looking for the one, which has free utensils.

So, while doing my research on the Internet, I came through Bajaj Majesty Induction Cooker, Preethy, Prestige, Pigeon, and many more brands. I started reading the reviews about them pertaining the product quality, customer services, etc. And, I finally decided to buy Bajaj Majesty Induction Cooker; however, I did not buy it online. I bought it from shopping mall.

So far, I told you how I bought Bajaj Majesty icx 21 Induction Cooker, and let me share my Bajaj Majesty icx 21 Induction Cooker Review about this product.

 Bajaj Majesty icx 21 Induction Cooker

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Bajaj Majesty icx 21 Induction Cooker Review

  1. Look is tremendously elegant.
  2. Lightweight; hence, can be carried easily and used anywhere like Kitchen, dining room, etc; you are not bound to be in the Kitchen only for cooking.
  3. You can cook food even when the fan is running, as there are no flames.
  4. Cooking functions are great. You do not need to manually set the temperature, as there are pre-defined cooking menu, which works perfectly. However, you can also manually adjust the temperature as per your need.
  5. Cooking is fast.
  6. Water boils quickly; in the winter whenever I needed warm water; I used this induction cooker then Water Heating rod. Water Heating Rod consumes more electricity than Bajaj Majesty induction cooker.
  7. Electricity bill is too less; yes, as per my experience, I have to pay around 100 to 150 INR Extra in my electricity bill, which is not a big amount in comparison to LPG, which costs more than 400 to 600 per month.

Customer Support Review

  1. Making a call is easy and the best thing is calls are attended and replied unlike you are making calls and getting messages that our customer care executives are busy. There is nothing like this with Bajaj’s customer support.
  2. On site customer service is provided, and free of cost during the warranty period. I remember that I had contacted them when there was a problem in my Bajaj Majesty Induction Cooker and they repaired it by visiting at my home. However, they took 3 to 4 days in the repairing process, but still I have no complaint because at least they are committed to onsite service.

This is my Bajaj Majesty icx 21 Induction Cooker Review and I hope this Bajaj Majesty icx 21 Induction Cooker Review will help you to make a decision. If you like this review, then kindly share it with your friends.

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