Best Air Cooler Brands in India in your budget to Fight the Scorching Heat

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For a mid-budget family, an air cooler is the best commodity to fight against scorching heat. These are available in various categories such as Desert air coolers and Personal air cooler. In this regard, multiple manufacturers claim themselves as the pioneer of manufacturing quality products. However, followings brands are the silent market takers.

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Best Air Cooler Brands in India in your budget to Fight the Heat

Symphony: – symphony air cooler online

Symphony is cooling the world since 1939. Despite being an Indian company, it has its global footprint over 60 countries. It brings various coolers to cater rooms of every size. With three basic categories of large space, Medium space and Spot Coolers, Symphony manufactures energy efficient products. The coolers work on the operating cost of a fan and are inverter engineered.

It employs multi-stage purification process and channelizes water distribution for superior cooling. Symphony cooler’s pump runs long, thanks to its Dura-pump technology. Also, it gives protection against voltage fluctuations through SMPS technology and offers a fully functional digital intelligence.

Crompton: – Crompton air cooler online

Best air cooler brands in India

Crompton is another popular brand of the air cooling solution provider. The coolers come in three categories; Personal cooler, Tower cooler and desert cooler. The Personal coolers have highest 1400 M3/H air delivery capacity with a maximum air throw distance of 20 feet. Its Mastique Dlx Tower cooler offers even more than that; 25 feet air throw with 1450 M3/H air capacity.

However, bigger rooms can be best served with its Desert coolers. The Ozone category desert coolers deliver 4600-metre cube air per an hour, sufficient to cool an area of 5500 cubic feet. The coolers are portable and come with a warranty so that you can use them with much ease.

Kenstar: Kenstar air cooler online

how to buy air cooler online

Kenstar coolers are available in a wide variety with a pocket-friendly price. The body is made up of ABS material to ensure long durability and bears three-speed setting control mechanism. The coolers of Kenstar hold the capacity to cool larger rooms. Some products come with thick cooling pads integrated together with a form of honeycomb thus ensures effective cooling.

Honeycomb cooling technology facilitates the pads to bear the low-pressure drops increase their cooling efficiency. The Louver movement is noise free. They are designed to carry a light weight and for easy transportation are equipped with Castrol wheels as well.

Bajaj: – Bajaj air Cooler Online

where to buy air cooler online

The brand is well-known to all Indians since many decades. The feature-rich coolers promise for a long run and are engineered with modern design. The powerful air throw, as well as distribution, make Bajaj coolers further unique. Three-way speed control and four-way deflection mechanism facilitate to reach the cool breeze up to 50 feet.

Most coolers come with auto water level and neon indicator. They also have the provision of water inlet opening and overflow set up. The electronics set up inside not only is inverter compatible but also demands low energy consumption.

Orient: – Orient air cooler online

best air cooler

Orient air coolers are carefully designed to cooler your interior with natural methods. These coolers can even save up to 80% energy as compared to others. Other features include Anti-mosquito technology, dustproof body, powerful blowers and fans, etc. each cooler comes with four-way deflection and hosts ice as well as fragrance chambers. Also, the presence of touch pad and timer functionalities makes the coolers even more unique.

Where to Buy Air cooler online in India?

If you want to buy an air cooler online of a famous brand listed above then you need not look anywhere else. You can buy coolers of these brands on the below listed websites that offer competitive prices.

How to Buy Air Cooler Online?

Buying a new cooler online in India for your room or office has been made very easy. You just need to,

  1. Click the website name given just above.
  2. You will be taken to the page of Air Coolers.
  3. Select the cooler you want to buy.
  4. Complete payment process
  5. And, you are done.

Is not it easy to buy an air cooler online in India? Just a few steps anytime and from anywhere and you will have a perfect cooler to chill in scotching heat.

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