Chetan Bhagat’s Latest Book One Indian Girl – A must read book by every youngster

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About the Book – One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat

This time Chetan Bhagat has highlighted a very important subject in his book – One Indian Girl. We have seen a number of female foeticides killing and other injustice against the fairer skin. But the kind of injustice, pain and suffering discussed in this book is bit different. We don’t see it in our normal day to day lives.

The book – One Indian Girl – highlights the story of a well – educated girl. She is in a reputed job and extremely intelligent. But there is something in life called destiny and you can’t escape that. This girl struggled in her life while finding love and the book highlights her love journey only.

One Indian Girl

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USP of One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat mentions that he always wanted to write a book which is related to feminism. Moreover he wanted to write it as a first person. This can be extremely challenging for a male author. But still he was determined to try it. And this book is not only a glimpse of what issues a well – educated girl has to go through in a literate high class society but also of what viewpoint a male author has on female issues.

What the book wants to achieve – One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat’s latest book focuses on a completely different angle of women. He is extremely clear of what are the objectives of this book. He wants the society to understand that even being from well educated background and born in a high class society can be drawback for the girls. He wants the society to understand and see women’s issues with a completely new viewpoint.

Where to buy One Indian Girl Online by Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat’s latest book will be launched in India on 1st of October. Yes, you guys have to wait long for One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat. You can pre-order the book at some of the online shopping pages and get the book delivered on the release day only. So, what are you waiting for??? Buy one Indian girl online and let’s celebrate feminism.

About the Author – One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat is one of the leading and accomplished Indian authors of all time. He has a huge fan following when compared to any other Indian authors. Not to forget Chetan Bhagat has been writing in different genres be it friendship, love, infatuation and likewise and all of them are close to youngsters heart. That is the reason he is one of the undisputed king of writing genre for youngsters.

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