Immediately Stop using RTF File Format or you can be a Ransomware Victim

June 29, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blog,Tech and News

Yes, you read it right. I said stop using the RTF file format otherwise you could be a Ransomware victim.

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Why Did I say that?

I said this and warned you because a new Ransomware called Petya Ransomware had hit the globe. And, this is a type of Ransomware that does not spread through an exe or any other such executable file. It uses the RTF file format.

When you open the infected RTF file format, the malware gets installed on your PC, and that is all. As soon as the malware called Petya Ransomware is installed, you are hacked.

What happens when you are hacked by Petya Ransomware?

Now, when the malware has been installed, all your files are encrypted in such a way that you cannot use them. The hacker has got the access to your files, and if you want to use your files again, then you will have to pay the hacker a hefty ransom amount which can be 300 USD to 3000 USD.

What is the solution rather than stopping the use of RTF format?

As the sources say that the malware has targeted the RTF format, which is one of the most common file format used around the world, the best solution is that you stop using this format, unless the security experts and anti-virus and anti-malware solution come into the market.

If you cannot stop the use of RTF file format then make sure that you do not open any RTF file received from any unknown source.

Another option is that you backup all your important data immediately to a safe place, for example, a cloud storage site. Once the data backup has been completed, you may use RTF file. And, in case you become a victim of Petya Ransomware after opening an infected RTF file, format your computer rather than paying the ransom money. After that, download your data from the cloud and enjoy using it.

You can also install the MS17-010 patch from Microsoft patch for the security purpose.

So, go ahead and stop using RTF file format as Petya Ransomware has made this format its vehicle to spread and loot the people all over the globe. Or, take the security measures listed above.

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