Want to Join Amazon Prime – Know Pros and Cons of Amazon Prime #Amazonprimedaysale

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Amazon is world’s leader in eCommerce. It provides its services in the United States, UK, Europe, India, and many other places across the globe. And, everywhere it is known for many things like discounts, deals, offers, largest collection, and a lot more. Among those things that make Amazon an excellent place to shopping online in the United States, UK, or India is Amazon Prime.

इस पोस्ट को हिंदी मई पड़ने के लिए यह क्लिक करे

If you do not know what Amazon Prime is, then I will tell you,

  • What is Amazon Prime?
  • What are the pros and cons of Amazon Prime?
  • How to Join Amazon Prime?
  • Benefits of Amazon Primeday Sale

Let’s explore. Read this post up to the end to clear all your doubts related to this amazing service of Amazon, and to avail its benefits that may not be available with any other online shopping website in the United States, India, or anywhere else. If any other online eCommerce website has anything related to Amazon Prime, then I am not aware of them as of now.

Want to Join Amazon Prime – Know Pros and Cons of Amazon Prime

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a paid service of the eCommerce giant that we know as,,, and as many other such names. Depending upon your location, you need to pay some amount to the company, and in return, you get many benefits. We will discuss the benefits of Amazon Prime (#Amazonprimedaysale) later in this article. We will also discuss the cons of Amazon prime.

The Cost of Amazon Prime

The cost of Amazon Prime varies from country to country. For example, the cost of Amazon Prime in India, as of now, is 499 rs per year. While the cost of Amazon Prime in the United States is $99 per year. You make this payment one time and enjoy the benefits for the whole year.

What are the pros and cons of Amazon Prime?

Joining Amazon Prime offers many benefits and losses. Let’s understand them.

Benefits of Amazon Prime in India and the United States, UK, etc

When you join Amazon Prime in India or anywhere else, you may get the below-listed benefits:

  • Free shipping on maximum items
  • Fast delivery of 24-48 hours without any extra charges
  • Access to deals 30 minutes before than non-prime users
  • Unlimited access to Prime Videos, Movies, TV shows; yes, you can watch on your computer, laptop, or Amazon Prime Video app as well
  • Cashback offers are often provided to Prime members
  • Amazon Primeday Sale brings excellent deals, exclusive launches, etc. with many offers that are available to Prime members only
  • Free shipping on Amazon Pantry items as well. For example, you want to buy 2KG sugar online that costs about 100 rs only, then without prime, you will also have to pay the shipping cost, but with Amazon Prime, shipping is absolutely free on the product of even 100 rs.
  • You can save a lot of money on shipping, movies, etc. For example, if you order 50 products in one year that costs less than 499 rs then you are saving almost 2000 rs on the shipping cost because the shipping charges for the orders below 499 rs is about 40 rs.

Cons of Amazon Prime in India, the United States, and other places

People who are not much into online shopping, watching movies online, and enjoying TV shows online may not like this concept of Amazon prime.

How to Join Amazon Prime?

  • Click here to go to Amazon Prime page or copy and paste this URL into your browser
  • Click the Signup
  • Fill necessary details.
  • Make the payment.

You have joined Amazon Prime and now ready to enjoy its benefits.

Benefits of Amazon Primeday Sale

Amazon has been taking care of its prime members; hence, organizing the Amazon Primeday Sale on 11th July. This sale will happen in India, the United States, and at many other places as well. Benefits of the sales are:

  • Only for Prime members
  • Heavy discounts up to 80%
  • New movie, shows, and video releases every day during the sale
  • Exclusive product launches
  • Extra discounts of 15% using Credit Cards
  • 20% Cashback on loading balance in Amazon Pay
  • Plus many other offers and discounts

So, to get these benefits, join Amazon Prime and be a part of Amazon Primeday Sale.

If you face any problem joining Amazon Prime, you can drop a message in the comment box below or can even call Amazon customer support. Join today and enjoy Amazon Primeday Sale as well.

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