LeEco Ultra HD TV in India at Lowest price with Smart LED and 55 inch

August 25, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blog,New Launches,Televisons

A new age of smart TV began when LeEco TV was launched at a glitzy event in Delhi. It is a  huge 55 inch Ultra HD Televisions with awesome features. LeEco TV which has been the heading ahead as the top seller in terms of mobile phone recently launched Ultra HD Smart TC. With the launch of LeEco Ultra HD TV the smart generation of TV began.

LeEco TV launched three variants of the Ultra HD Smart TC, and all of them fall in the category of 4K television. By 4K television we mean the resolution size of 3840*2160. It falls in the category of Ultra HD Smart TC is priced approximately at 59K. Customers might think it’s one of the premium and high class products. But no the features with which the LeEco Ultra HD TV is embedded makes it really worth the price. Don’t believe me?? Here we present you a snapshot of the features.

Features of LeEco Ultra HD TV

LeEco Ultra HD TV

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Display of LeEco Ultra HD TV at flipkart

LeEco Ultra HD TV boasts a 4K resolution capacity which provides a resolution of 3840 * 2160. The LeEco TV at Flipkart uses RGB palette to reproduce superior quality images on screen. RGB Palette symbolises a combination of red, blue and green which helps to produce image quality as exact as possible. The colours and the pictures look much more vibrant. Even the movies with a darker shade looks appears pretty clear. The LeEco Ultra HD TV has a viewing angle of 178° which helps to view images even from the corners. So, you can view PVR quality cinemas with a huge group in LeEco Ultra HD TV the newest generation of Ultra HD Smart TC.

Design of LeEco Ultra HD TV at flipkart

LeEco TV is exquisitely designed. It has ultra thin bazel at all the four sides – top, left and right of 18.6 mm and at bottom of 13.0 mm. LeEco TV has a thickness range between 10.9 – 49 mm. But do you know what is the most creative design of this LeEco TV??? It is the cloud stand on which the Ultra HD Smart TC of LeEco TV stands upon.

Operating system of LeEco TV at flipkart

The LeEco TV which is the latest addition in Ultra HD Smart TC supports an operation system of android 5.0. The LeEco TV is embedded with live TV viewing experience with all the contents that are available on DTH. The LeEco Ultra HD TV also has a number of applications which can be customised as per user’s needs.

Specifications of LeEco Ultra HD TV

So, to sum it up let’s have a look at the specifications of LeEco Ultra HD Television in a snapshot

  1. 55 inch display
  2. 4K resolution capacity with a resolution of 3840 * 2160
  3. Viewing angle of 178°
  4. Uses RGB palette for superior viewing experience
  5. 4 GHz Cortex A17 Quad Core Processor
  6. Bluetooth 4.0
  7. Dual band 802.11 ac wi-fi standard
  8. Multiple ports for various inputs
  9. 2AA battery type with extended life
  10. 6 embedded speakers with superb sound experience
  11. Sharp image during fast motion scenes

To buy or not to buy

LeEco Ultra HD TV is one of the lifetime experiences in terms of TV viewing. LeEco Ultra HD TV is available exclusively at flipkart at one of the lowest prices available online and even in stores. Hurry up. stocks limited.

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