How Much Your Mobile Internet Bill has reduced after Reliance Jio?

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The time before Reliance Jio came into the market was costly for every mobile phone user. It was the time when you had to pay 250 rs or more to get 1 GB Data recharge on networks like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, etc. The amount of 250 rs or more per GB was for 3G. And, the charges for 4G were even higher. But the day Reliance Jio entered the marketplace everything has changed.

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You must have experienced this as well. If you have been using Airtel 4G now and was using Airtel 4G before Reliance Jio, then you must know the difference. That was a time when you were paying about 400 rs for just 1.5GB, and today you are paying 349 rs for 28 GB per month. All this has happened just because of Reliance Jio.

Reliance Jio

So, do you want to say Thanks to Reliance Jio for bringing such a revolutionary change and reduction in your mobile phone data bills while increasing the data usage? I want to say them big thanks, and you should also praise Jio for all they have done.

But the question is how much are the change in your mobile internet bill and data usage. Has it increased or decreased? Are you using more Internet on your mobile phone than before?

Let me know How Much Your Mobile Internet Bill has reduced after Reliance Jio?

If I talk about myself, then my mobile Internet bills and even calling bills have reduced as well. But, my usage on the mobile Internet has increased as well.

Before Jio, I used to recharge my phone with 1 GB pack of Airtel. At that time, my target was to consume that 1GB in a month, but most often I used to consume the same in just 15-20 days, and after that, I had to recharge again. So, my internet bill was almost 400-500 rs per month. Plus, I used to make calls from my Vodafone number, and the bill was almost 300-400 rs.

But, after Reliance Jio had been on the market, I switched to Free Reliance Jio plan, and I had not paid for my mobile Internet for a few months, so I had almost saved 2000 rs, and Airtel had lost the same.

After the free subscription of Reliance Jio had finished, I switched back to Airtel 4G because of their robust network connectivity at my workplace (Reliance Jio is very poor here). But, now I recharge my phone with 349 rs, and I get 28 GB data for 28 days plus unlimited voice calls on smartphones plus 50 Mb on other phones. So, now I make maximum calls from my Airtel number only instead of my Vodafone number. The result is that my bills for Vodafone have been reduced. Now my Vodafone bill is about 200 rs while earlier it was about 250-400 rs per month.

Airtel Plan 349

So, for me, Reliance Jio has brought a revolutionary change. My expenses have reduced even when my mobile phone internet usage has increased a lot. I watch the Kapil Sharma Show videos most often; I watch movies online, I use Facebook on my phone and a lot more.


I want to use Reliance Jio 4G because it costs 309 rs and provides 84 GB for 3 Months. I could save more money, but my bad luck as the coverage of Jio network at my workplace is not okay.

Share your experience

I request you to share your experience about Reliance Jio, how it has reduced your Internet bills, and how much Internet on your mobile you are using, etc. If you are a Reliance Jio user, then which plan are you using now and why? You can leave your messages as comments in the comment box below.

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