Top 10 Branded Backpacks for College Students in India

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When it’s time for a college student to tie-up his or her shoes for a first day of a college, the first thing he or she chooses to carry with them is an attractive and latest branded backpack that just not only looks eye-catching but should also fit their needs. It has become quite easy to get a quality and durable backpacks at a reasonable price, but now college students are in search of trendy branded cool stuff. Hence, to their benefit, here come below the Top 10 branded backpacks for college students in India.

Top 10 Branded Backpacks for College Students in India

Skybags Backpacks

Among the Top 10 branded backpacks for college students in India, this brand backpack is surely dominating the market with its salient features such as built-to last straps, high quality fabric and zippers, backpack rain cover, front pocket, padded shoulder strap and even more. These bags are generally comes as waterproof so it remains safe to carry books and a laptop during rainy season. Also, it remains durable even when used tough as the materials such fabric and zippers used by skybags undergo stringent quality analysis. They have colorful collections of backpacks, for which one login and view the below link.

Skybags 31Litres Polyester Sea Green School Backpack
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Fastrack Backpacks for College Students

Fastrack backpacks really need no intro as it is quite in high demand. Students in India prefer it as one among the best backpacks for college. They are one among best brand choice that not only just look good, but can also be used for tough use. They are available in decent quality which one can rely upon for their regular usage. Fastrack backpacks are generally designed with more space and high quality zippers and shoulder padded straps that facilitate carrier to feel easy to carry. To find more collections of Fastrack backpack, one can check it out the below link.

Fastrack Backpack - A0609NRD01 (Red)

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Adidas Backpacks

Adidas is not only famous brand of shoes, but they are equally good in backpacks making that’s it holds dominant position in Top 10 backpacks for College. The specialty with Adidas bags are they are light in weight and can be easily carried while college students roam around. Adidas backpacks have convenient compartments with padded inside for safe carrying. Also, they have backpacks models that come with padded shoulder straps for easy and convenient carrying of luggage. They have generic specific collections, which makes the selection process so easy. To see to their ample collections of backpacks, one can view below link.

Adidas free size Backpack

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American Tourister Backpacks for College

They have a wide array of best backpacks for college that matches everyone’s unique taste. These bags are manufactured using high quality polyester and nylon that is an apt choice for both men and women. They have distinct compartments with pockets facilitating easy carrying of USB drive, visiting cards, earphones and water-bottles. Well-crafted shoulder padded strap ensures stress-free carrying of luggage. To know more about their backpacks, find below link.

American Tourister AMT 2016 - Encarta Laptop Backpack. (Black)

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F Gear Backpacks

Among the Top 10 branded backpacks, it’s an ideal choice for day-to-day use, school, college, office and for travel purpose. They are ergonomically crafted using prints and have a durable tough base. Their padded inside compartment are very spacious to carry more items and they are available in a wide range of colors and designs. They really look trendy and cool to carry and they are available at an affordable price. To look into their collections of backpacks, check it out

F Gear Adios 30 Liters Black & Blue Backpack

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Reebok Backpacks

Reebok branded backpacks generally made out of 100% high quality polyester fabric and gets easily fit to one’s physique when they tighten the padded shoulder straps. This not only looks trendy to carry, but also it reduces the stress of carrying the load. Generally the zippers are of high –quality and durable facilitating frequent usage. There are also more organized inner sleeves to carry important small items. To check it out their trendy collections of backpacks, click on the below link

Reebok Backpack

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Wildcraft Backpacks

They have specially designed backpacks for college students that are comfortable, cool and colorful. They have more choices to choose and available at a reasonable price. They are generally available with multiple spacious compartments and waterproof. They are available in light weighted and are of highly durable in nature. They have provisions for equal weight distribution, quick-grab handle, easily accessible pockets and anti-slipping shoulder straps. To know more about the features and collections about their products, please visit the below link

Wildcraft 27 Liters Multi-Colour Casual Backpack (Nature 1 Blue)

Puma Backpacks

Puma backpacks are known for its top-notch quality and endurance. It is too less in weight and most of their bags have provision for laptop carrying. They have wide range of collections for men and women and to fit the distinct needs of the buyer is one among the reason for its listing in Best Backpacks for College. They have spacious compartments and sleeves inside for carrying heavy loads and small items respectively. To find more info about their backpacks, click on the below link

Puma Dark Shadow and Sprint Package Casual Backpack

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Gear Backpacks

Gear backpacks are generally made out of polyester fabric and available in decent looks. They are resistant to water and have spacious compartments and adjustable straps. They are comfortable to carry as they have provision for weight balance. This is an apt choice for those who prefer to carry decent stuff more than a trendy cool backpack. Those who wish to get a choice among the Top 10 branded backpacks for College students in India, at an affordable price, can go with this brand. They can be purchased online at most of the online shopping sites at an attractive price.

Gear 34 ltr Navy Blue and Green Casual Backpack (BKPOTLNR80503)

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Safari Backpacks for College Students

Every backpack manufactured by safari will undergo a 100% quality test and hence durability will be of high standards. They are available in distinct colors and stylish models. They are generally made up of polyester fabric with high quality zipper. They do have padded shoulder straps to facilitate easy carrying of luggage. They are available at reasonable cost and an apt choice for daily carriers. To know more about their collections and price, please check it out

Safari 25 Ltrs Red Casual Backpack (Seesaw-Red-CB)

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Everyone’s needs are unique and to purchase a backpack that fits their budget has become easy with the quite a lot of backpacks availability. It is in the hands of a buyer to make a choice understanding their requirements as all the above mentioned top 10 branded backpacks are of high quality and durable for college students and office goers. These top 10 branded backpacks for college students in India are ranked on the basis of the quality, durability and price.

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