Top 10 Fengshui Items to Call Money in your Home and Business, improve love life, and peace

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Interested in making your life healthy and wealthy!! If you are not happy in your relationship with your partner or anxious about the health of your near and dear ones, or disturbed with your bank balance. You do not need to worry at all, just select and buy a Fengshui item among Top 10 Fengshui Items to be used in your daily life. The Fengshui item will help you in attaining success at home or in business. Not only success, but Fengshui items also make you healthy. Apart from buying Fengshui items for yourself, you can also gift them to friends or loved ones. Here, we have selected and described the Top 10 Fengshui Items, among them you can select one of your choice.

Top 10 Fengshui Items to Call Money in your home and business, improve love life, and create peaceful environment

Crystal Tortoise

Fengshui Tortoise or turtle is also an amazing gift signifying long life. Tortoise are made of resins, various metals, glass, mud, crystals, and wood too. But, the crystal tortoise is know to correct Vastu Dosha; thereby, improves the sources of money. Keeping crystal tortoise in your office or home shall bring longevity of life, happiness, and prosperity.

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Dolphins and Fish

It is really lucky and prosperous to keep a showpiece or portrait of fish or dolphin in your home, office, or shop. Dolphins and Fish can be kept in any direction in the room and will bring wealth, peace, long life, and prosperity. In Fengshui, fish depicts abundance. Generally the Chinese business people love to keep aquariums with live fishes such as gold fish, carps, at the entrance of their offices, stores, and houses to get wealth and fortune.

Keeping live fishes or taking care of them is difficult, so people have started keeping fish figurines in their house for health, wealth, and prosperity.

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Chinese Coins

Fengshui coins, that is the old Chinese coins are tools for bringing wealth. The coins are of shapes circle and square representing heaven and earth. You can bind three coins with a red string and hang them inside the entrance of door depicting money is inside your house. You can also keep three Chinese coins in your wallet or purse to grow your money. You can also keep them in lockers or banks to bring wealth and prosperity. Generally, it is also found that people place Chinese coins on the south wall to fulfil their wish or they stick to the computer screens where they keep the financial accounts.

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Chi Lin

In is yet another item in the list of Top 10 Feng Shui Items to Call Money in your Home or business with peace and love. In Chinese methodology, Chi lin is the most powerful image of luck. It brings wealth, health, and prosperity. People keep Chi lin on their workstations or on the front door as they take away all the negative energy. The Chi lin Fengshui item among top 10 fengshui items protects the owners from destruction, harm, and theft. Chi lin is a legendary creature with the head of a dragon, scales of carp, body of a horse, and a tail comprising of little curls. The availability of Chi lin brings the powerful cosmic breath of a dragon along with wealth, success, longevity, wisdom, compassion, and bright children. At the workplace, Chi lin represents good fortune for the career aspirants. You should note that Chi Lins should not be facing you while placed on the work desk.

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Mandarin Ducks

For happy and romantic married life, you should keep a pair of Mandarin ducks. They are proved to be auspicious for married couples and should be placed in the south west direction of the living room or bedroom and get charged with love. In Chinese methodology, Mandarin ducks are found to be the most popular love symbol and can ideally be gifted to the ones who are looking for love in their life. They must be kept in pair and should be gifted in a pair as well. Generally, Mandarin ducks are considered ideal as a wedding present that is given for lasting love and happy married life.

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Fuk Luk Sau

In Chinese methodology, Fuk Luk Sau are the Gods of health, wealth, and prosperity. Keeping them anywhere in your room will bring good luck and protect you from any fatal disease. Ideally, this Fengshui item should be placed in the east corner or your room. Fuk Luk Sau are considered as three wisemen or Chinese star gods. They are extremely popular as they depict everything that makes people happy and contented.

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Three Legged Frog

Among the to Top 10 Fengshui Items to Call Money in your Home and Business, improve love life, and peace, the three legged frog is kept diagonally opposite to your main door. It will enhance your income and wealth within no time. You should ensure that the faces of the portrait should ideally be inside the house. The three legged frog is considered the luckiest symbol of money making. This Fengshui item has three legs, sitting on the bed of coins and ingots, holding three coins in their mouth.

The three legged frog brings gold in your home when placed diagonally across from the front door looking at the door as if it is expecting great wealth energy to flourish inside the home.

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Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha Fengshui item depicts a happy man that brings wealth, financial gains, and success in house. Keeping the portal of laughing Buddha in the right direction is crucial as the energy coming into your house is greeted by laughing Buddha. So ideally, you should place it on the corner table that is facing the door.

Laughing Buddha is also known as Happy Buddha as it carries the bag of wealth at his back and holds gold ingots or money. He is extremely happy with big smile and so is also called Hotei in Japan. For wealth, the Laughing Buddha of bronze material is best as it will attract more money in life. In Chinese restaurants, this Fengshui item is placed near the entrance such as cash counters, living rooms, lobbies, and temples. Placing Laughing Buddha at your workstation will help your career promotion, relieves stress, and brings joy and happiness.

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Pakwa Mirror

Among the top 10 Fengshui items, Pakwa mirror is the auspicious item that should be placed outside the house so that no member of your house can see their face in it. In Chinese methodology, the Pakwa mirror reflects back all the bad evils and the negative energy from your home.

The pakwa mirror is used to remove wrong vibrations entering in your home through the main door. If this mirror is hung in the north direction then it profits in increase in business, when placed in east direction, the success and acclaim are achieved. You should note that this mirror should never be placed in the south direction.

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Crystal Pyramid

You can place the crystal pyramid at any area of your drawing room to keep your family happy and healthy. Any size of the pyramid can be used for good fortune.

The sharp and shining pointed corners of the pyramid draws light. The crystal pyramid has the capability of splitting sunlight into rainbow colours and is considered as energy handler. Its cleansing effects can eradicate evil and ill luck to bring positive ambience to dwelling.

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Based on your requirement, select the ideal Fengshui item and place it at your home, office, workplace, or shops and enjoy wealth, healthy, prosperity, and money.

Note: The items listed above are said to have good impact on a human’s life per peace, prosperity, and luck. However, no body can guarantee that these items are the 100% solution to someone’s problems, or a best solution to improve the flow of money and peace. Luck is also a big factor along with the efforts done by the people, so the things work collectively. The items are listed here based on a research done on the Internet. Trusting these items or not is your own decision. You should check these Top 10 Fengshui Items to Call Money in your home and business, and see if there is any improvement in your life. If yes, why not you share your views by dropping a comment here.



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