Top 10 Water Heaters in India – Take a Cozy Bath with Warm Water Everyday

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As we like warm and cozy things in winters, now things have got advanced enough and we do not have to use gas stoves to heat water on a chilly winter morning. Nowadays advanced technology geysers (also called water heaters) are available in the market to make your easy. One of the Top 10 water Heaters in India can be a great help for every family in winters. With a geyser installed in your home, you can get warm water to do tasks like utensil cleaning, face wash, bath, etc. without using any other medium. It is safe and fast as well. Geysers of multiple brands, functions, technology, colors, and sizes are available in the market to be selected as per your requirements.

With a geyser installed in your home, you can get warm water to do tasks like utensil cleaning, face wash, bath, etc. without using any other medium. It is safe and fast as well. Geysers of multiple brands, functions, technology, colors, and sizes are available in the market to be selected as per your requirements.

Top 10 Water Heater’s in India

American Micronic Water Heater

This is a high-quality geyser, developed in the world’s most advanced factory. It is 100 percent imported product, specially designed to give good output as per Indian water conditions. It is one of the top 10 water heater available in India, it comes with two years’ replacement guarantee all over India. It has a high-quality corrosion resistant, metal body. It is available in attractive looks, variable temperature control, with automatic cut off to ensure electricity saving and is available in multiple sizes. It could perform in 230 AC V and 2000 W. It also comes with multiple safety protection measures against overheating, over pressure and electric shocks. It has the capacity to provide water heating from 30 to 75 degrees, it is one of the super quality product designed to serve you for a longer period. Apart from stores, you could choose them online as per your requirements.


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Bajaj Majesty Water Heater

In today’s busy life, we do not have enough time to wait for the water to get heated during winters, this water heater has the capacity to provide your enough hot water in less than 5 minutes. It is one of the trusted brands of India and is available with many features like high impact resistant plastic body, multiple safety features, compatible with pressure pump applications installed mainly on high rise buildings, neon displays indicator for power on and heating function. Designed to give a long life heating element, at an operating voltage of 230 AC V to 2000W, with a two-year product guarantee and five years guarantee on the tank.


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Life-Long Home Style Instant Water Heater

This product could prove to be a good companion for life, it supports quick water heating once switched on. It supports to provide your bathroom a stylish look with its white and vibrant blue color. It helps to get you hot water without any waiting time, safe and convenient in use, supports energy efficiency. The inner body is built from staleness steel, supported with long lasting heating element compliant with all ISI quality and specifications, encased in a copper tube. It is built with many features to ensure safety from all deviations if any. It has a rust free water tank, capable of operating at a power of 3000 watts, empowered with thermostat and thermal cut-out. It could be easily cleaned.


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Havells Water Heater

A highly acceptable brand among the users, the product comes with great features of vitreous enameled coated tank made up of ultra-thick superior steal, another great advantage of insulated energy saves up to 45% with authentication from BEE India guideline, it controls current leakage, fitted with multi-functional safety valve, support pre-set thermal cutout and heater indicator once the water gets hot to save energy, designed ideally for high-rise building, it comes with a two years comprehensive warranty and the inner container have been supported with five years warranty.


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Activa Instant Water Heater

It is another trusted and famous brand in the water heaters, the main features available with this heater are, it is installed with a good power saving insulator, packed with an ISI tested heating element for providing maximum output with minimum electricity consumption, automatic thermostat and cut out is installed for more power conservation, equipped with outer heat resistant plastic body, extra thick stainless steel capsule water tank with anti-vacuum system, the hot water output temperature ranges from 56-65 degrees. Available in smart colors combinations to add style to your bathroom and also have multiple safety measures.


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AO-Smith Water Heater

It is also one of the trusted brands and among top 10 water heaters in India. This geyser is available in different color, quality and multiple sizes, no matter you choose any one from the minimum to the maximum capacity water heater, you will get the same output with this product. It is made in the most modern and advanced technology equipped factory, to match your water heater with your bathroom color, size and design you only have to get yourself registered within 60 days of your purchase and call the customer care center to get the desired front panel delivered at your doorstep without any more cost. It contains double coated glass linked tank, provides maximum protection against hard water and corrosion, specially equipped with the best quality products to handle water types as per Indian conditions. Inner tank comes with a seven years’ warranty and four years of extended warranty on glass coated heating element, also packed with a two years’ comprehensive warranty. It has been allotted with a four-star rating by the authenticated BEE society, as it is one of the most efficient energy water heater. It contains a temperature control knob to set the desired water heat, contains blue diamond technology, as it supports to increase the life of the inner water tank.


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Venus Lyra Water Heater

The latest water heater developed by Venus equipped with new technologies. It offers the world’s best reliability and good looks, attached with a smart LED ring light to indicate water availability while heating the ring turns blue, and once the water gets heated and ready to be used it turns RED. It is available in multiple colors to match according to your interior, contain proclaimed enameled glass linked tank manufactured in an automatic plant using European technology, to protects the tank with rust and corrosion, available in many water capacities. It requires an operative voltage of 230 V. Packed with two-year product warranty, and seven years of the tank with three years’ warranty on heating element. You may love this and one of the top 10 water heaters in India.


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Crompton Water Heater

The power consumption of this heater is quite optimum, as it only consumes a prescribed amount of power; it also helps in constantly freezing your electricity bills. It contains 8 bars water pressure fully sufficient to cater your winter needs. Nano-polymer coating tank prevents corrosion and eliminates the possibility of rusting. It facilitates from getting surface harden and ensures to make it a light weight product. It comes in a white color that provides a classy look to your bathroom and kitchen. Equipped with five-star energy saving mechanism and save money and energy up to 50% to deliver the best output. Packed with a five-year warranty on tank two years on the body. It also contains vacuum release valve, a thermal cut-out to save power with the snap automatic cut-off thermostat. With so many nice features, it is among Top 10 water heaters in India (also known as Top 10 Geysers in India).


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V-Guard Water Heater

This geyser among top 10 water heaters in India, covers all quality standards and safety norms, it comes with a five-star BEE rating, with ISI standards compliant. It has a good quality heating element to ensure you get hot water faster and good performance over coming years. It also allows you to adjust the heating and power functions manually. It comes with a stainless steel inner tank with ABS outer, the inner tank comes with a three-year warranty with a two-year warranty of the product. The superior PUF insulation help to minimize the heat loss and adds towards power consumption. Its white smart body adds style to your bathroom. Impact resistant, rustproof and all features make this product and highly durable and efficient water heater.


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Maharaja Whiteline Water Heater

Another known brand in the kitchen and bathroom products, among other products, one of the most energy efficient product is a water heater; it comes with an exclusive design with vertical mounting capability, stylish heat indicator, equipped with pressure release valve, 6.5 bars working pressure and thermal cut-out for energy saving capacity. The product covers a two-years comprehensive warranty and additional three warranty on the water tank. It comes with a classy look in a combination of white and blue colors, it could perform well at an operating power of 2000 watts or 230 volts.


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The above are the top 10 water heaters in India for getting hot water during winters. Water Heater plays an important role in our daily life, make it easy to execute our daily life activities with hot water. Now a day you do not have to go to the store to buy water heater but could also buy them online without any extra payment.

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