How to use Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit

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Time has changed and now women have many options to check if they are pregnant. One such option is Pregnancy test kit, which allows a woman to check at home if she is pregnant or not. Prega News Pregnancy test is a pregnancy test kit. You might have seen ad of Prega News Pregnancy Test kit in television as well. Using Prega News, a woman can check if she is pregnant or not, in just a 5 minutes if she knows how to use it. Here, I tell you how to use prega news pregnancy test kit.

How to use Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit

Perform the below steps to check if you are pregnant or not:

Step 1: Buy Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit from a medical store. You can also order it Online. Click here to order it online.

Once you have the kit with you, you are ready to test if you are pregnant or not. After you have the kit, check its expiry date and use only if it is not expired.

Step 2: Remove packing of the kit and take it with you in the washroom in the morning when you feel to pass first morning urine.

Note: First morning urine is more concentrated; hence, chances for the kit to detect the required hormones in the urine are more.

Step 3: Put three drops of first morning urine in the round circle on the kit and wait for 5 minutes.

How to use Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit and Check Results

If you see two (2) pink lines then the result is positive, which means you are pregnant.

If you see only one (1) pink line then the result is negative, which means you are not pregnant.

If you see one dark pink line and one light pink line then it may due to lack of required hormones. In such case, repeat the test again after 2 days and note the result. If you still see the same result then do with urine test at some Pathology lab.

This is how to use prega news pregnancy test kit to ensure if you are pregnant or not. However, the result may say that you are not pregnant you shall not take it final in one test. Wait for a few days and see if periods come. If periods do not come then do the text again and if the result is same then consult the doctor, as in case of a negative result, periods should come.

Hope you would have liked the process and the way it is explained. If yes, kindly share your comments about this post “ how to use Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit ” and also share it so that other women can take advantage of it.

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  1. Shreya said on December 2, 2017 14:41:

    Some of the common pregnancy signs after two weeks of pregnancy include: missed periods, increase in urination, tiredness & fatigue, a noticeable change in mood swings & food cravings other than the normal habits, tender breasts, increase in water consumption, etc. For me, missing periods for a prolonged time periods was an indication of my pregnancy & a pregnancy test kit confirmed the same.