After WannaCry – PSA Petya Ransomware has been Affecting the world

June 28, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blog,Tech and News

After Wannacry Ransomware, here is a new Ransomware affecting the whole globe. The new attacker is called PSA – Petya Ransomware which is again the result of vulnerability in Microsoft Office. It spreads through the RTF documents; hence, it is suggested that if you are working on RTF documents or managing/handing them you should stop the same for a while unless a remedy for this new Petya Ransomware can be found.

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How Petya Ransomware spreads?

This is a different type of malware attack where you do not need to click any file or make an action. It automatically spreads through the network; hence, the major risk is for those computers that are connected on a network and are using MS Office or handling RTF files in any way.

What will happen if Petya Ransomeware has infected your system?

Similar to Wannacry Ransomware, if your PC has been infected, you will be asked to pay a hefty amount to release your data. This amount can be anywhere form $300 to $3000 or even more depending upon the size of your organization or company. Even if you are an individual who has got infected with this malware, you may need to make the payment of 300 USD.

Hackers are accepting payments only through Bitcoin, which is a non-traceable payment method, meaning you will lose money but the researchers/investigating officers will not be able to find the person to whom you have made the payment. And, this is the reason why hackers are using Bitcoin.

See the below picture showing the ransom call and amount:

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Petya Ransomeware

What you can do to protect you from Petya Ransomeware infection?

You can contact Microsoft security team or can update your Windows and MS Office application so that it has all latest patches with the latest security updates and loopholes fixed. You can also install the MS17-010 patch from Microsoft patch. You can remove your PC from the network if it has not yet been infected because once a PC in a network has been infected, it will infect all computers in the network.

Several big companies around the world have already been infected by this Petya ransomware so be careful.