Whatsapp Introduces Pin to Top Feature for your favorite chats

May 2, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blog,Tech and News

Similar to Facebook and Twitter’s “Pin to Top” feature, now Whatsapp has launched the same feature. By using this feature, a user will be able to Pin maximum of 3 chats on the top of the other chats in the app. These can be individual chats or group chats. Once you have pinned a chat, it will stick onto the top, and the following chats will appear below it.

How popular is Pin to Top feature?

Whatsapp Introduces Pin to Top Feature

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Pin to Top is a unique feature that was so far available on top social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. And, on both platforms, this feature is quite popular among users, as they can Pin a major post/message/video/graphics and let their friends view that as the first thing on their wall. In Facebook, the Pin Feature is even more popular than Twitter because of the dedicated business pages and friends groups.

Why has Whatsapp introduced the Pin to Top Feature?

The sole reason behind introducing this feature can be its popularity on Twitter and Facebook. Whatsapp has always been trying to give its users the best instant messenger app that is easier, faster, and better. And, this Pin to Top feature will help users quickly access the chats they are very much concerned about and do not want to miss/delay any message and its reply.

Which version of WhatsApp has Pint to Top Feature?

This feature has been introduced in Beta version 2.17.162; hence, as of now, it is available to the users who have this version only. If you want to use this new feature as soon as you can, then have a look at the version of your Whatsapp app. If it is an older version, upgrade it, and you may get access to the Beta version 2.17.162 of WhatsApp having Pin feature.

Supported Platforms

Whatsapp has been available for Android, Windows, and iPhone smartphones, but the new Pin to Top feature is still in its beta stage, and being tested on the Android version. So, if you have a 3G Mobile Phone or a 4G mobile phone running WhatsApp, then you may get access to this feature.

How to Use Whatsapp Pin to Top feature?

Using the new Pin feature in Whatsapp is as easier as using this whole app. Long press a chat, and you will see a pin option. Simply, press the pin and your chat is now pinned to the top. You can pin a maximum of 3 chats of your choice. If you want to remove the pin, then again press the chat, press the pin, and it will be removed.


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